Small hand fetish

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Guys, what do your hands look like? She just always wanted our chests touching in bed, always wanted her hand up my shirt rubbing my chest hair. Just thinking about it turns me on. I wouldn't say it turns me on but I think it's so pretty when girls have small feminine hands. Retrieved July 8, I have this weird thing where I'll just look at a guys hands and nothing else, and I didn't notice until recently.

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Autoplushophilia Arousal to oneself dressed as a giant cartoon-like stuffed animal.

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50+ Sexual Fetishes You’ve Never Heard Of

I like some boots, but again, not a fan of heels. Not to the extent of the movie feed or anything like that, I just really like fat girls and I like to watch girls indulge in food. However, I do agree that some hands can pretty hot. But its not always necessarily phallic, I've always admired guys with long hands, one day without thinking I said aloud to my Spanish class " I love people with long fingers" at that point I was a freshmen in hs so the response was pretty comical, I immediately blushed and tried to explain myself, but alas there is no reasoning with laughing 14yr olds. That and fucking in public. Some people dig cannibalism, but I first learned about it in the context of people being turned on by the idea of being eaten by a large predatory animal. Sexsomnia is a rare sleep disorder that prompts an individual to seek sexual activity in their sleep.

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small hand fetish
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small hand fetish
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