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No ass and a narrow urethra Larger than anything I've ever seen or heard about! I was already awake even though my eyes were still heavy. This is for those who like to role play in games, like in skyrim. I don't think there's anything wrong with being attracted to people, but personally it's something I prefer to keep private, or only share with very close friends and significant others.

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Given that this thread is specifically talking about the physical characteristics of blank-slate game avatars whose only differences are their tertiary sex, it doesn't seem inappropriate to say "male" and "female".

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I craned my neck, only to have my lips pecked at by hers. To hide spoilers use the following format remove spaces. It'd be cool to be able to pick from like, a petite-but-stout chick versus an Amazon bodytype, or a really ripped Schwarzenegger looking guy versus one that's kinda fat and stocky. I waved my hands in front of me in denial. I groaned as I carefully moved Jaina's claw from my bare chest. I like my women strong and capable of kicking butt with the best of them, with bodies that match that prowess.

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