Godlikeproductions are assholes

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What goes around always comes around. I've been banned for the slightest offenses. Anonymous April 30, at 6: There is a need for a forum which works to get the truth to get out there. I don't want to go into details, I am a member of the site, as of between 10 seconds ago and a month ago, I don't know This site could be huge if he didn't keep banning people and censoring people. Trinity, and all the moderators are just bullies

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It hasn't been the same for some time now.

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Godlikeproductions are assholes

The purpose of the site is more than to make money, what is wrong with that. For those of you who think they don't ban paid accounts If Abraham Lincoln saw how most Negro's behaved in America today Mar 25, 4. He smiled and embraced your attack on him. I always get unbanned and often quite fast. There are scripts in place to randomly ban you

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