The asshole of the internet

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Had their sexual orientation, sexual experience, or sexual prowess challenged or ridiculed. Already, internet culture seems to be adapting. That description, however, does it little justice. Trolls pick fights unnecessarily. How do you suggest I make it bigger? I will provide a Cheese Pizza in return for your help. As a result, the only people who tend to bother doing such a thing are people who feel particularly positive or negative about something.

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Take for example this punk from England who harassed a professional boxer for months before magically straightening up and apologizing when the boxer found out where he lived and actually drove to his house to confront him.

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Internet Asshole

Requests for child pornography are commonplace. I'm going to say it once and only once, and you've probably already clicked it anyway, but it was good advice. The internet is possibly the first mechanism in human history that allows society to not only exist, but to thrive by removing the need for self-censorship. We must begin accepting responsibility for how we react to what we read. I have wondrous news on that front—I have been taken from you by a fantastic place that can make all of your hopes and dreams come true: Hey Morpheus, the Matrix is a simulation into which all humanity is plugged that keeps them unaware of their true circumstances so the machines can harvest their bodies for energy.

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the asshole of the internet
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the asshole of the internet
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