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Just on the floor or by the couches. But when you do clean up you can usually find money! The first club that I worked in had roughly 10 girls that were brought to work from a different country. Which meant I was also the cook. About half a second after she starts puking, the other end erupts. Regardless, it was disgusting to think that we staff were to wash our hands there and then handle drinks.

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He said no, so she was naked, with herpes sores, grinding on guys.

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13 Dancers And Employees Explain Just How Dirty Strip Clubs Are

I worked as a DJ at a few clubs all owned by one guy. He looked like someone had dumped a bucket of sick on his head. I still have problems believing that volume of mass erupted from something so small, had I not seen and smelled it myself. One had scabs on her face from a meth issue. She nailed 3 customers and 2 security guys without even looking. Dirty feet, spilled drinks, vomit, plus other unsavory fluids are hard to get out of carpet permanently.

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