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It should be obvious that Jerry could handle most self-defense situations with a. With this limited additional information, we must consider the Federal HST. Eleven inches is not bad but 8 inches would not be enough under some circumstances. As such we can no longer recommend this ammunition. These loads did very well when fired from longer barrels but sometimes failed to expand when fired from short barrels. We are merely pointing out the advantages as well as the disadvantages of various types of ammunition.

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Penetration 11 inches plus one inch of bounce back for a Total of 12 inches:

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.380 ACP Ammunition Comparison

As we have said many times, the single most important factor in determining your ability to stop a determined attacker is where you place your bullets. Winchester PDX 1 95 grain bonded 2. Sig P 2. There are however several. Velocity average of three shots FPS Expansion. It will not achieve 12 plus inches of penetration in gel but in all other respects it excels. Will you need to shoot through a barrier to hit the attacker such as the side window of your car or your bedroom door?

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speer gold dot barrier penetration stats
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speer gold dot barrier penetration stats
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