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I had been drinking for about 6 hours now, and continued bouncing from party to party. After texting her for a couple days she admitted to me a couple things; first she admitted that she had always had a crush on me, she then admitted she was going through a wild phase, she had lost her virginity, had dabbled in some drinking etc. I didn't talk to my cousin that much since then but on the last night before our family was leaving my cousin was about to stay with my grandparents I went all in. However, Maleficent starts to care for the child as if she was her own daughter and begins to question her own actions. I know her very well. We're drinking beer and she is drinking her Mike's Hard Lemonade or whatever because she hasn't really drank before. Cheers Bill, you sir, are a Gentleman and a scholar.

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We walk out of my room as a group and I'm the last one to leave, except seester.

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It's actually a really logical storyline that most would have predicted. I'm 19 and he is two years older than me. Both of us are not religious because I was born and raised in canada and he was born and raised in france but our families in our country were, so they wouldnt let us be alone together or even talk. I know her very well. I've had mixed results. There's more to this story, but that can wait for another time.

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sleeping sister so invited
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sleeping sister so invited
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